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First impressions of the new Tokidoki JuJuBe collaboration - Super Toki and Sweet Victory..

Well, I wasn’t sure what to expect here as it wasn’t love at first sight with kaiju city for me - but i have to say, this is so much more appealing (to me).

It has the classic look characters that we are all familiar with; Kaiju, Stellia, Sandy, bastardino and King Kong... and is a very unisex print, which should appeal to all the fun loving took fans.

The black hardware really sets off this print for me, the star and the zips especially! Can i just mention the quality seems so much better (you know what I am talking about here!) with no wonky lines or funny stitching under the strap.. hooray! Wham! Pow! – Ok, sorry I am getting carried away with the comic super powers of the print obviously, 

I know a lot of ladies have expressed concern about such a busy lining and honestly, I can see how you wouldn’t want to use too many other toki prints inside - but this is where you get a chance to use your non-toki prints such as ‘Black Out’ (did i just say that?!) and it would look amazing with this!

This is a really fun and did I mention vibrant? Tokidoki/JuJuBe release and if you’re sitting on the fence about it (are you even a toki fan?) then don’t, PLEASE, because this will sell out and you’ll regret it!

If you’d like to see more then please take a watch of my video: