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What makes a FAB bag fabber than the fab bags I already have?

That was the question I posed to the amazing guys at Baby and Play (more about them in another post) so they sent a Storksak FAB bag for me to try.

Straight out of the box I loved this little bag, it is much classier to look at than the Fuel cells I have from Ju Ju Be, of which the purpose is the same and which up until this point have been my fab little bag of choice. The quality, as I have come to expect from Storksak, is amazing, I have pulled, tugged and generally given this little bag a battering and it still looks good as new, seriously the quality of these bags is second to none!   

Size wise it is a little smaller than the JJB fuel cell, as can be seen best in the pictures of the both with the yumboxes the FAB bag fits one yumbox and two pouches of baby food and the FC fits two yumboxes plus a pouch of baby food with a little room left over. As you can see in the pic with the nappy change essentials in it does hold a fair bit, we use gNappies but I have used disposables for this pic as I know they are more widely used, there are six nappies in the pic along with a full pack of wipes, change pad, nail scissors, cream and cleanser and it all fit without issue with a little room left over.


It looks lovely hung on my pram, but is inconspicuous enough to use without any children around, so could easily be used for work days to carry a breastpump, my Medela Swing fits nicely with a bottle, or I’m sure it would fit a lovely child free lunch, I'm never childfree but I'd imagine a mini Moët and handmade truffles would not only fit nicely but also be kept lovely and cool, because not only does it look nice it definitely does the job of keeping things hot/cold, it's been a while since I've had a child free lunch but in my head it totally comprises champagne and chocolates!!

Price wise it is definitely attractive at only £15, which when compared to the JJB FC at apx £25 and PacaPod feeder pod at apx £20 makes it even more attractive. I've not tried the PacaPod pod so don't know how it shapes up size wise, but looks wise I'd definitely choose the FAB bag personally.

The one and only downside is that they are limited in colour and style (navy, black and grey to my knowledge) whereas Ju Ju Be come in an array of colours and prints

So in summary:

Style, price and amazing quality all definitely make the FAB bag fabber than any of the fab bags I already have! Everyone needs one of these bad boys, even if you don't know why, I guarantee you'll find a use for it!! So pop along to Baby and Play and pick one up, and tell them Bow sent you

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