Storksak Elizabeth & JuJuBe on a Flight

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Storksak Elizabeth and JuJuBe on a Flight

When shopping for baby things I just look for products which appeal to me visually and work for my needs.

I have never owned a purpose made change bag but recently I decided that I needed a little more organisation in my bag, especially with soon to be 3 children who are 4 and under! I also wanted a bag which I could continue to use as a regular bag once the days of nappies etc are over. After a lot of research, and getting a little hooked on YouTube packing videos I settled on a Storksak Elizabeth in tan. The leather looked so soft and from the outside it doesn't look like a change bag at all. I headed over to Baby and Play and placed an order. It arrived 3 days later and I can honesty say it was love as soon as I pulled it out of the box.

I will do a separate post on all of the compartments of this bag and an overall review but I thought I'd make a post now about how I have packed my Storksak for a flight to Spain with 2 children.
This is how the bag looks unzipped.

As you can see I haven't used all of the pockets so I could put more in.
In the main middle section I have my 2 JuJuBe Quicks.

Donutella's Sweet Shop has 1 change of clothes for Violet and Ezra plus a little wet bag that I can put dirty things in. There is plenty of space in this Quick for other things which bodes well for popping in a few babygros for baby when he arrives.

Space Place is my nappy change bag. I have managed to fit in an almost full pack of wet wipes, 4 size 5 nappies and some cream. I love that when I need to change Ezra's nappy I just pull this Quick out of the bag and take it to the change area rather than having to take the whole Storksak with me.

Next out of the bag are my large and medium Be Sets in the Iconic print. The larger set piece is our snack bag.

I have put in some packets of blueberry wafers, oaty bars, baby biscotti, chocolate biscuits, mini smarties, boxes of raisins and also 2 sets of plastic Ikea spoons/forks. I still have loads more space in this large set piece so I may pop a few more snacks in. All parents know the power of a snack to satisfy a young child for a while...!

The medium set piece is my toy bag. Previously we have had a mixture of plastic animals, Peppa Pig figures, some cars and other bits and bobs. My local charity shop came up trumps again today with a little bundle of 'pop together' figures. I'm not sure how else to describe them! I have purposely not shown them to Violet and Ezra yet so that they are new when I dig this bag out at the airport/on the plane!

My small set piece is my mini first-aid bag.

I have plasters, paracetamol tablets for adults, Calpol sachets, a medicine syringe, teething powder, contact lenses and hand sanitiser in here.

Hanging off the outside of the Storksak is another hand sanitiser and my JuJuBe Pacipod in Sea Amo print.

It's designed to hold baby dummies however I have popped in a phone and iPad charger.

Here is a view of the Storksak with all of the pockets.

I have also packed in a change mat (which comes with the bag), my EOS lip balsam which both kids are a little obsessed with, some extra stickers to play with and my house keys which are on a lanyard attached to the bag.

Here's the bag all packed up and organised again!

For the purposes of our flight I will have a separate bag with passports, tickets, money, phone, iPad etc.

I hope my packing gives you some ideas for organising a change bag for a flight with young children!

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