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Holiday packing with the Jujube Tokidoki Superstar

So it’s school summer holiday time – meaning that my devil’s are all at home and needing entertainment and/or something to tear them away from their obsession with everything electrical that features a screen !!
After a mad few weeks of hair pulling, nagging and tantrums (and that’s just me) I bit the bullet and booked a few days away (work commitments mean anything longer is out the picture this year). Cue a mad packing rush to get everything in order.... Now this is where my favourite bag comes into play – the Jujube superstar, and what a superstar it is!!

2 of these Superstars (I used the tokidoki prints Donutellla’s sweet shop (purchased from the lovely Baby and Play) and Unikiki) were enough to contain clothes, costumes (of the swimming variety) and accessories/toiletries for all 5 of us – I do tend to pack quite a few, ok quite a lot, ‘just in case’ outfits too I must confess.
The beauty of the superstar though is that it’s so light, which is a big bonus when you pack like I do and are already carrying a tonne. The top opening flap makes it easy to pack and find anything you could need 

Not to mention the handy zipped pocket at the front (which is deep enough to hold my s7 edge) and large pocket at the back for any essentials you might want easy access to

It’s so pretty and did I mention it’s fully machine washable? That is the winner for me, when you have kids and travel you will inevitably end up with a grubby bag - but pop this beauty in the wash and it’s as good as new. For a relatively small looking bag it holds a lot of clothes yet folds right down when not in use. The zippered pulls are big and shiny and scream quality and the range of prints you can buy in this bag will suit all personalities and styles - I have a bit of a thing for the fun tokidoki range myself.
Well i’m glad to say after all that packing; we had a great time and had everything (plus lots of unneeded extras *ahem*) that we could need.

And did I even mention my beach bags?.... keep an eye out for my other Baby and Play purchase the Jujube tokidoki Superbe - blog coming soon!

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